Republic Financial's Mission


Our Vision

We, at Republic Financial, will strive to do whatever it takes to remain uniquely creative and dedicated to our values so that for the next 100 years we will be judged by those we serve, and ourselves, as the finest organization of its kind in the world.

The company’s goal is to grow our value significantly, and develop the capabilities and well-being of our employees while maintaining our culture and values and ensuring our long-term survival.

Our hard-driving company demands financial success without compromising values. Our values create an atmosphere in which we are energized to do what it takes to meet the unique challenges we face. To guide us toward fulfilling our vision and mission, we rely on the following values.

Our Values

Do The Right Thing

We live by the thought that everything we do can be printed in the newspaper. We treat others and ourselves with integrity and honesty while respecting each others’ differences. We should be proud of our actions and decisions, knowing that doing the right thing can be the harder of two choices.

Long-term Results

We are willing to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term value. This means having the patience and discipline to grow our business to achieve exceptional financial success by continually investing in people, relationships, ideas, and technology.


We believe in the power of creativity. Our creativity is sparked when talented people take risks with ideas and approach problem solving with a pioneering, unconventional spirit.

We are here not merely to make a living, but to enrich our community, the world, and ourselves. We recognize that taking care of our surrounding community and ourselves is as important as our professional development.


Our unique process blends teamwork and brainstorming with a goal of reaching the best decision. Teamstorming capitalizes on the knowledge and experience of employees from different disciplines, and results in better, more informed decisions than any one individual could make alone. This tough process requires everyone to participate by challenging their comfort zones, taking personal risks, and expressing their opinions.


What we do is not easy. Through perseverance and hard work, we do whatever it takes, within our values, to create solutions and achieve our far-reaching goals.