As an active investor in commercial aircraft for 25-plus years, GMT Global has acquired more than 100 aircraft valued at greater than $1 billion. We have acquired a wide range of aircraft types and have leased them to airlines around the world.

GMT Global takes a long-term view of an investment and adds value through a combination of dedicated personnel, support services, financial resources, and active lease management. As a vested stakeholder, GMT Global has achieved consistent success by developing creative solutions to difficult and complex aircraft transactions and by enhancing value for all stakeholders.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Financial Corporation, a private investment firm with nearly 50 years of experience in private investing. 

Location: Greenwood Villiage, Colorado

Investment: 1992


Aircraft Leasing



GMT Global’s team of seasoned aviation professionals offers customers customizable solutions for their unique situations. As a flexible and skillful lessor, our  family-owned structure allows GMT Global to provide airlines with well-crafted fleet solutions. GMT also provides a full platform of capabilities such as lease management and technical services. Additionally, as a specialized aircraft leasing firm, GMT Global evaluates each transaction on it’s own merits, at a senior level, in a timely manner.

Our long-term approach allows GMT Global to create lasting relationships with all of our customers enabling parties to achieve “win-win” fleet objectives. We strive to be responsive and proactive to all your fleet needs.

Aircraft Investing



We focus on the acquisition of a wide range of commercial aircraft types on lease to airlines based around the world.

Our investment approach is straightforward: Once we choose to pursue a transaction, we commit the expertise and resources necessary to ensure a timely closing. The GMT Global team works with aircraft lessors, airlines, financial institutions, advisers, attorneys, trustees, and institutional lenders.

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