Republic History

Republic's founders Jim Possehl & his wife Karen

July 1971 - Republic Financial Corporation is launched by Jim Possehl (pictured with his wife Karen) with the purpose of brokering small-ticket leases. The Company has three employees in a small office in south Denver. 

1981 - The business grows to 20 employees and executes its first million-dollar deal.

Mid-1980s - As a result of a maturing market conditions (compressed margins) and sweeping federal tax changes, Republic explores new investment opportunities where it can apply its core competencies.


1992 - Republic enters the commercial airline leasing industry.

1994 – Company purchases the remaining assets of Merrill Lynch Leasing including an investment in one of the country’s largest Salt Dome Caverns, located in the Gulf Region of Texas, an asset Republic still owns today. 

1997 - Republic purchases 30 Boeing 737s from Continental Airlines, a transaction described in the press at the time as “the largest-ever used aircraft fleet transaction.”

1997 - Republic forms its Special Assets Group. 

1997 - The Company also begins a long-term relationship with NexGen Resources by investing in Synfuel, a business supported by Section 29 tax credits.


1997 - Partnering with employee Ken Giddes, a lung cancer survivor, Republic helps Ken advocate for other lung cancer survivors. In 1999, after Randy Dietrich is diagnosed with Hepatitis C, Caring Ambassadors is formed to help people struggling with life-threatening illnesses to obtain the support, help, and information they need. 

1998 -  Republic and NexGen partner to complete a $100 million coal transportation transaction.

1998 - Jim & Karen Possehl endow the Karen Possehl Women's Scholarship Program at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs to provide financial assistance  and mentor support for nontraditional UCCS students who are starting or returning to college after having overcome significant personal adversity.



2001 - 2002 - Republic acquires the assets of two leasing companies - LINC Capital and Capital Associates Inc.

2003 - Republic's first investment in American Identity (AI), the leading promotional products company at the time. AI was sold to Staples in 2007.

2003 - Other operating company investments made in CyberTrails (managed service/data center), Headway (temporary staffing) and Kelson (physician management).

2004 - Acquires General Roofing, the largest commercial roofer in the US. Takes the Company through bankruptcy and successfully emerges 90 days later. General Roofing is sold to Tecta America in 2006.  


2006 – Republic Special Assets invests in E-Z Pack a manufacturer of refuse hauling trucks. Company was sold in 2013 to Navistar. 

2006 - Republic receives the Ethics in Business Award by ColoradoBiz Magazine and the University of Denver.

2006 – Company invests in Great Lakes Casting, a grey iron Foundry. Company was sold to a Private Equity firm in 2013.

2006 - Advance Emissions Solutions, NexGen and Republic partner to bring clean coal to the market place and take advantage of Section 45 tax credits through Tinuum Group. Goldman Sachs joins the partnership in 2011.


2008 - Randy Dietrich is named CEO and Bob Possehl named President. Republic's founder, Jim Possehl becomes Chairman of the Board and steps out of the day-to-day operations.

2008 - Republic Private Equity invests in Camalloy (metals distribution) & Vac-Tron (commercial vacs used in trenching, clean up, etc.).

2008 - Republic's Aviation division begins operating under the trade name GMT Global Republic Aviation.

2008 - Republic partners with Dr. Greg Everson and makes its initial investment in HepQuant to help develop the first commercialized liver function test. 


2009 - 2010 - Tinuum operates in its first power plants and closes with its first investor.  

2010 - 2014 - Special Assets purchases commercial loan balances of over $500 million during this time period and $1.5 billion since the group's inception.

2011 - Tinuum places an additional 26 units in service and all are eligible for Section 45 tax credits.

2014 - Jim Possehl, Republic's Founder is inducted into the  inaugural  Equipment Leasing and Finance Association Hall of Fame.



2014 – Tinuum reduces mercury and nitrogen oxide on 50 million tons of coal annually throughout the US.

2015 - Republic enhances its capital strategy and begins working with larger Family offices to invest in Republic's transactions. Today, more than $100 million of family office funds have been invested in our deals.

2015 - Republic invests in CeDUR (polyurethane roofing shingle) and moves operations to Colorado.


2015 - 2016 - GMT Global purchases 3 E190s, 1 A319 and 1 B777 all on lease to major airlines. 

2017 - Launches RFC Drilling with oilfield drilling rigs located in the Permian basin of Texas.

2018 - Starts Private Lending through Republic Special Assets group.

2018 - Vac-Tron is purchased by the Vermeer Corporation of Pella, Iowa.